made a quick sketch of me and my darlin’ @ericcyrup 💏
Eric ❤️ Mia #happyeaster
also my sweet darlin’ featuring polka dot egg ❤️
I did a thing ⚡️ #harrypotter #hp4lyf #hp4easter
my sister made me and my nieces go on an Easter egg hunt, this is what were in mine 🐰
Happy Easter 🐰
Happy early Easter to me from the cutest boyfriend of all time, he got me a copy of Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHERS stone! ⚡️❤️☺️ @ericcyrup
Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.
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champion of the sun 🐈☀️ #cat #catsofinstagram #dayman
after receiving some bad news tonight I’m extra missing this lovely boy ❤️❤️ Sunday should come sooner.
went to the post office today and while I was there I got more Harry Potter stamps because I can’t control myself ⚡️ #hp4lyf

Anonymous: You are so so gorgeous. do you have any tips on applying concealers or foundations? I'm such fair skinned and I tend to get dark circles from not sleeping like I should and when I apply make up it just looks so cakey and not natural. I really admire your skin and I hope you have some tips!

thank you so much! I definitely have tips but if you come off of anon I’ll give you them because I run out of space in the text box!

lately I’ve been happier, eating healthier and I’ve cut down the amount of cigarettes I smoke in half, feeling pretty good about that ☺️